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ラテアートの注ぎの動画を送ってもらって、問題点や改善点を、動画を返信する形で教えます。 ご購入後、画像の2枚目以降を参考に、ラテアートの注ぎの動画(もしくはリール動画URL)をInstagram @elephanttencho のDMまで送ってください。具体的に見て欲しい箇所や悩みなども一緒にコメントで添えてください。 撮影のポイントは以下のようにしていただくと、詳しく分析できます。 ・注ぎの正面から撮影 ・斜め45°くらいから撮影 ・なるべく最大高画質で撮影 ・かさ上げから撮り始めて、注ぎ終わったら真上からのアングルで撮影 1週間以内にコメント、改善点などを動画もしくはテキストにてDMにてご返信いたします。 ※参考動画としてYouTubeで公開してもいいという方は公開OKのバージョンをご購入ください。 Hello there! My name is Yoshi and I am the owner of Elephant Coffee, a local roastery cafe in Fukuoka, Japan. Around 30 students attend my latte art class in person every month. This latte art analysis service is for baristas and latte art enthusiasts outside of Japan who want to enhance latte art skills. Once you have selected the "ENGLISH ver." option and completed your purchase, I kindly request you to send me a video (or simply share the URL of an Instagram reel video) along with a few photos showcasing one of your wonderful latte art pours. You can send them directly to @elephanttencho via Instagram DM. To get an idea of the kind of photos I find helpful, please take a look at the examples provided in the description. Don't hesitate to let me know about the specific areas you'd like to improve and feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you have a particular design in mind that you're striving to achieve, please include a photo or video of it as well. To ensure a detailed analysis, please consider the following points when taking videos and photos * Position yourself in front of the camera and pour the latte art directly in that direction. * Aim to shoot from a 45-degree angle diagonally above the cup. * Opt for the highest video quality possible to ensure clear visuals. * After pouring the art, it would be helpful if you could change the angle and capture a photo or video from directly above the cup. I will reply you by DM within a week with key points and ways of improvement.